In addition to state races, there will be plenty of decisions for voters in Tuesday’s spring election for Marinette County municipalities.


  • Marinette: Mayor Steve Genisot vs. Roberta Davis; Ward 5 alderman Wally Hitt vs. Liz Mikutowski; Ward 2 alderman Jeff Skorik and Ward 6 alderwoman Debbie Klegin have no opposition.
  • Peshtigo: District 1 alderwoman Bridgette Schmidt is unopposed; District 2 alderman Mike Behnke vs. Keith Klimek; District 3 alderwoman Debbie Sievert vs. Zachary Lossett. Residents also have a referendum allowing the city to raise property taxes to provide more money for road projects and maintaining existing public service levels.
  • Niagara: Veteran Mayor George Bousley is not seeking re-election. Current alderman Joe Johnston is seeking that post. Current alderpersons Lynn Burke, Michael Darne and Donald Shampo are seeking re-election. Lisa Mattia is challenging for an alderman post. Those four candidates are vying for three aldermanic seats.


  • Coleman: President Glenn Woulf, along with trustees Nancy Stank, David Podoski and James Heyroth, have no opposition.
  • Crivitz: President Kurt Kostuch is not seeking re-election as he resigned to become police chief. Amy Grandaw is running for president. Trustees seeking re-election include Gloria Kainz-Kinzinger and Jeff Dorschner. They are being challenged by Ginger Deschane and George Gocht.
  • Pound: President Terry Earley, along with trustees John Homontowski and Michael Rogodzinski, have no opposition.
  • Wausaukee: President Patrick Tracy, along with trustees Lowell McKim, JoAnn Polomis and Darryl Schmidt, have no opposition.


  • Amberg: Chairman Matt Mattison, Clerk Pat Boshen and Treasurer Lisle Suzawith have no opposition. Supervisor 1 Ronald Holmes is not seeking re-election; Verlyn Giguere is the only candidate for that seat. Supervisor 2 Russell Werner vs. Jodi Campbell.
  • Athelstane: Chairman Kelly Barnes, supervisors Denis DeJardin and David Jose, and clerk Janice DuChateau have no opposition. Treasurer Gregory Reinhardt vs. Daniel P. Johnson.
  • Beaver: Chairman David Bedora, along with supervisors Jerome Fendryk and Vernon Gisenas, have no opposition.
  • Beecher: Chairman Chair Robert Gehri vs. Cary L. (Clancy) Whiting, a former Town Chair and current County Board Supervisor. Supervisor 1 Daniel Groy, Supervisor 2 David Paulsen, Clerk Cynthia Butterfield and Treasurer Carolee Hirte have no opposition.
  • Dunbar: Chairman Harry Sokel and Supervisor 2 David White have no opposition. Supervisor 1 Joseph Stoll vs. Bruce Radtke.
  • Goodman: Chairman William Stankevich, supervisors Steve Gostisha and James LaChappell, Clerk Sue Pratt and Treasurer Cindy Nelson have no opposition.
  • Grover: Chairman Wayne Staidl is not seeking re-election. Brad Wyss, a current supervisor 2, is seeking that post. Supervisor 1 Kim Kittredge is not seeking re-election. Clerk/Treasurer Lisa Witak and Constable Eric VandeWall have no opposition. Robert “Butch” Wortner and Monica Schwittay are seeking the two supervisor posts.
  • Lake: Chairman Dan Banaszak is not seeking re-election. Cory Sotka, former Supervisor 1, is seeking that position. Supervisor 1, Kim Hanson vs. Bob Burmek. Thomas F. Nelson is seeking the Supervisor 2 seat vacated by Travis Mueller and Linda Tarmann has no opposition for clerk/treasurer.
  • Middle Inlet: Chairman Richard Wade has no opposition. Supervisors Ronald Wenzel and Donald Van, along with challengers Charles Stanek and Roger Leick are contending for supervisor seats.
  • Pembine: Chairman Ross Bole is seeking re-election. Supervisors Vincent Czahor and Michael Newingham are not seeking re-election. Patrick Willis, Heather Willis and Anthony Erno are running for two supervisor positions.
  • Peshtigo: Chairman Herman Pottratz and supervisor 1 Dan Staudenmaier are not seeking re-election. Cindy Boyle and Dave Dionne are seeking the chairman post. Supervisor 2 Jon Drees vs. Leonard Wiedemeier. Jim Kollross vs. Cindy Baur for Supervisor 1. Constable Rick Badgley is unopposed.
  • Porterfield: Chairman Dennis Bergeson, Clerk Amy Linstad, Treasurer Wendell Phillips, Supervisor 1 Audrey Guseck and supervisor 2 Don Limberg have no opposition.
  • Pound: Chairman Jerry Heroux and supervisor Dennis Fiedorowicz are not seeking re-election. Dennis Gross has no opposition for the chairman post. Incumbent Supervisor John Gaffney, along with Jeff Nowak, Curt Tisler and Darren Olson are vying for two positions. Clerk Jessica Markewicz-Olson and Treasurer Janell Rymer have no opposition.
  • Silver Cliff: Chairman Bruce Weber and Clerk Dana Weber have no opposition. Supervisor 1 Riana Ventura Bishop vs. Deanna Farley. Supervisor 2 Sue Victoreen vs. Cory Gagne. Treasurer Carol Kitchenmaster vs. Kristin Gagne. Constable Sabin Rosenbaum did not seek re-election. Cory Gagne is seeking that post.
  • Stephenson: Chairman Mike Kudick, supervisors Jeff Ranzmeier and Jim Stadal, Clerk Elaine Olson and Treasurer Mary Jane Kempka have no opposition.
  • Wagner: Chairman Steve Renikow, Clerk Cassie Brown, Treasurer Margo Renikow and supervisors Ed Delfosse and Mollie Arthur have no opposition.
  • Wausaukee: Chairman Jeff Engelman and Supervisor 1 Robert Jicha have no opposition. Victoria Miller and Brandon Taylor are seeking the supervisor 2 post. Clerk Cheryl Stumbris is unopposed. Treasurer Sally Hultquist is not seeking re-election. Hope Young is running for that post.

School referendum

The Peshtigo School District has a two-question referendum. Question 1 allows the district to renovate the current middle/high school. Question 2 is for construction of additional athletic fields and other infrastructure and equipment.