From left: Menominee Police Captain Justin Hofer, Marinette Police Chief Jon LaCombe, Dave Makowski, Phyllis Makowski (mother of Tammy Maciulis), Traci Zimanek (Maciulis’ sister) and Marinette County Sheriff Jerry Sauve pose with giant checks representative of the Makowskis’ donations to the departments recently in Marinette.

MENOMINEE—Local police departments received some sizable donations for their K-9 programs from the family of Tammy Maciulis.

According to Menominee Police Captain Justin Hofer, this past Saturday was the 34th anniversary of the abduction and murder of 11-year-old Tammy Maciulis, who was kidnapped from her Marinette home by Charles Blassingame in 1987. Blassingame had been living with a woman in the same apartment complex as Maciluis’ family for three weeks before he abducted Maciulis and brought her to Georgia, where he murdered her and buried her body. As a part of a plea agreement, Blassingame led investigators to the location where he had buried the body, which was in the woods outside of Dalton, Gerogia. Her remains were recovered Oct. 10, 1989. Blassingame died in prison in February 2020 while serving time for Maciulis’ abduction and murder.

Maciulis’ family donated $3,000 to the Menominee Police Department’s K-9 program and $5,000 each to the K-9 programs of the Marinette Police Department and Marinette County Sheriff’s Department.