EagleHerald Staff Writer

MENOMINEE—The Menominee Area Public Schools Board of Education received updates from the building principals during Monday’s school board meeting.

Central Elementary School Principal Randi Ahrndt said Central has formed a wellness committee. This was formed after the school received a Building Healthy Communities grant from Blue Cross Blue Shield. “One of the big pushes that we applied for was staff wellness. We’ve been meeting the past two weeks to discuss small changes that could make a big impact,” she said.

One of the ideas Ahrndt mentioned was creating a space at Central for new mothers. “We have a couple new mothers who are nursing and different things like that, so that would be helpful. We’re also looking at things that are more conducive to social distancing for staff wellness; trying to utilize one of the spaces we have available for staff,” she said.

Ahrndt said a possibility for that extra space could include some donated exercise equipment for staff to use, such as a treadmill or something that could be easily sanitized. There’s also been a focus on staff’s mental health, and Ahrndt said the committee has been utilizing Blue Cross Blue Shield’s free videos on mental health to help with this.

Menominee Junior High/High School School Principal Drew Buyarski mentioned that the high school and junior high have also developed a building team, and their focus so far has been on building community at the school. “We really want to bring all of us together and have the jist of what it is to be a Maroon,” he said.

“We have a lot of community members who are really generous with their donations to the school,” said Blesch Intermediate School Principal Scott Martin. “You can tell that they really care about the students who are in the schools, whether they’re clothed or fed or whatever. It’s really cool to see a community come together and give as much as they have for our schools.”