EagleHerald Editor

MARINETTE—No one from the public showed up for a public hearing on the Marinette County redistricting plan Tuesday morning at the courthouse.

The Development Committee meeting voted unanimously to approve the plan to the full county board next Tuesday for its tentative approval. It then goes to county municipalities to configure their ward maps. The county board gives its final approval after that.

As County Administrator John Lefebvre pointed out at last month’s county board meeting, the population of the county hasn’t changed much in the past decade, but where people live has shifted somewhat and that could mean some slightly different supervisory districts in county government.

According to the 2010 Census, the county’s population was 41,749. The population grew by 123—to 41,872—following the 2020 Census.

The Town of Dunbar lost 489 residents, mainly because Northland International University closed, while the Town of Stephenson gained 488 people.

Consequently, those two areas saw a bit of a makeover.

The only change from last week’s Development Committee session was a small slice of the Town of Athelstane that will join with the towns of Goodman and Dunbar to form a district. That slice of Athelstane was tweaked from last week’s plan.

Much of the west side of Athelstane is very sparsely populated because of forest land.

There are 30 supervisory districts in the county and each should be near 1,396 residents (41,872 divided by 30), according to Lefebvre. He said there is a 5% allowance in each district, high or low. That equates to a plus/minus of 69 residents from the target of 1,396 people.

The committee also recommended changing district numbers for three districts in the center of the county. District 11 will become District 10, District 13 will become District 11 and District 10 will become District 13. These changes make the district map more uniform.