MARINETTE — After several months of renovations, the old Marinette County Jail has become the new County Resource Center.

The newly-renovated building will be the new headquarters for several Marinette County departments.

“Land Information, Energy and Economic Support, Veteran’s Services, County Clerk and Treasurer and Register of Deed’s will all be relocated into the new building,” said Facilities Director Martin Keyport, whose department has been overseeing the renovation.

“We have finally reached the point where everything is 95% done and we just need to put the finishing touches on,” Keyport said.

“The main focus of the new office designs and updates is the health and safety of our staff,” Keyport said. “Right now we have a lot of staff who can only meet with members of the public in their personal offices, and that is usually not ideal and can, unfortunately, put our staff in danger.”

The new meeting rooms

“So now, we have some new interview rooms where county staff and the public can meet and everyone can be safe and comfortable,” Keyport said. The new meeting rooms have been specially designed to allow office staff and the public to meet without having members of the public in private office spaces.

Martin also showed off the new county meeting room, where all regular meetings, other than the County Board, will be held.

“Infrastructure, Public Services, Health and Human Services, Public Safety and Administrative will all be meeting in here, but right now the room is mostly being used for chair storage,” Keyport said.

Keyport reported that almost exclusively the departments dealing with County Court matters would now use the Courthouse building.

“With all these department’s moving into this building the Courthouse will now be occupied by the more legal focused departments and offices,” Keyport explained.

“All the different departments have started the process of moving all their files into the new building so hopefully everything will be complete soon,” Keyport reported.

Keyport added, “We are really happy with how everything has turned out and hopefully the new offices will be staffed and ready by the New Year.”