EagleHerald Editor

MARINETTE—The Marinette County Health and Human Services deputy director is taking over the reins of the department.

The appointment of Glenn Sartorelli, a county employee for nearly 25 years, as director was unanimously approved Tuesday by the County Board. The appointment was made by County Administrator John Lefebvre. Sartorelli replaces longtime director Robin Elsner, who retired earlier this year after about 30 yeas with the county.

Sartorelli was hired by the county in 1997 in the finance department where he worked about 18 months. He then served about a year as assistant finance director for Health and Human Services and then another eight years as finance director for HHS. He has been the deputy director for HHS since 2008.

Sartorelli is a graduate of Northern Michigan University in Marquette and he has a business administration degree with an accounting major. He is also known to many in this area as a longtime former wrestling coach at Menominee High School.

“Glenn is more than capable of fulfilling the role as director of Health and Human Services,” Lefebvre said.

Supervisor Mike Behnke, a member of the HHS Board, spoke highly of Sartorelli.

“I’ve watched him grow from the time of been a supervisor for 19 years,” he said. “Glenn has just been outstanding in every aspect of Health and Human Services.”

Sartorelli did not address the county board, but earlier this month he told the HHS board how he felt about the recommendation.

“I just want to tell you guys I’m extremely honored to serve as your director,” he said. “I can’t tell you how much it means to me.”

He said he’s grateful for what he has learned under previous directors, especially the last 12 years working closely with Elsner.

“I’ve got to learn about our department,” Sartorelli said, adding Elsner always reminded him how vital it was to serve their consumers and keep their consumers in Marinette County.

“That’s really important to us,” he continued. “Robin said ‘I’m passing the torch on to you.’ I take that with great responsibility.”

It will now be up to Sartorelli to appoint a deputy director.