Peshtigo Schools

PESHTIGO — Peshtigo’s Middle/High School reports two confirmed cases of COVID-19 within the student body.

According to an email sent out by the Peshtigo school district Monday, two cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed within the Peshtigo Middle/High School student body. Both infected students will be in quarantine at home for the next 14 days.

Patrick Rau, the district superintendent, assures that these cases were identified and dealt with before the coronavirus could spread to the student body at large. “Everything is disinfected nightly, so once we were informed of the cases by Marinette County Health Services, we made sure to follow our procedures to prevent any more cases,” Rau said.

“Our procedures and protocols have worked beyond our expectations,” Rau said, “After the students tested positive they never returned to the school. Only one student was at school with symptoms.”

Rau reports that the school’s social distancing policy helped to prevent any further spread. “Only two other students were in close contact with the infected students, they have both been tested and both are currently in quarantine to watch for any symptoms,” said Rau, “Thankfully, due to our social distancing rules no staff had to enter quarantine.”

When asked whether the spread of COVID-19 in the district was avoidable Rau said: “We have 1,300 students in our district, a small village worth of people entering our buildings everyday. Some cases were going to happen.” But, Rau continued that the disinfectant procedures and social distancing would prevent an explosion of cases within the school.

“We can only ensure students are following social distancing rules when they are at school — if they have a get together in the evening, we can’t stop them,” said Rau.

When asked about whether the district is considering going back to distance learning Rau said: “We will monitor the student absent rates and if we think we’re reaching a point where distanced learning becomes the best option, we will do it.”

Another possible reason for returning to distanced learning would be because members of staff having to enter quarantine due to exposure. Rau said: “If we don’t have enough staff to run classes effectively in person, then we will go virtual.”

According to the email sent out informing parents of the situation, all classes will continue as scheduled and that the district is monitoring the situation closely and will provide further updates as the situation unfolds.