Bay of Green Bay

High winds stirring up sediment in the bay last week likely caused the strange tap water flavor that some Marinette residents have been experiencing recently. These winds, combined with cold temperatures, also caused the formation of frazil ice, which temporarily clogged the water utility’s intake.

EagleHerald staff writer

MARINETTE—Some Marinette residents may have noticed a strange taste in their tap water recently.

City of Marinette Water Utility Operations Manager Warren Howard said he suspects the taste is the result of sediment that was stirred up in the Bay of Green Bay during high winds last week. He said, however, that the filtration process for the water was slowed to thoroughly clean it and that it is safe to drink.

The weather conditions last week also resulted in the formation of frazil ice, or miniscule spicule, plate or discoid ice crystals with low buoyancy that often cause problems with water utilities along the Great Lakes. Howard said the frazil ice temporarily clogged the utility’s intake pipe but was flushed out.

Normal operation of the utility resumed on Monday, and the taste should go away in a few days, Howard said.