TOWN OF PESHTIGO—The Town of Peshtigo Water Committee met a day after last Tuesday’s Marinette Common council meeting and the town is committed to go forward with a water summit.

On Tuesday, the Marinette Common Council passed a resolution to deny the Town of Peshtigo access to city water via either extended water lines or bulk water. The action left Town of Peshtigo Board of Supervisors shocked and disappointed, according to a statement from the town.

The Town Water Committee met Wednesday following the city’s decision and left with numerous action items to move forward without support from their neighboring city.

“It is unconscionable to me to remove the city from a conversation before the discussion has even begun, however we will rapidly move forward with remaining options” said Cindy Boyle, Town of Peshtigo chairperson.

Within just over 10 weeks, the newly elected Town of Peshtigo Board has moved at a significant pace in an effort to be fully informed and appropriately positioned to provide safe drinking water to residents as soon as possible, Boyle stated.

She continued, “We were starting from a place of zero resources, no municipal lawyer, no legal records on hand, no environmental lawyer, no environmental consultant. An enormous amount of progress has been made and our hard-working board isn’t about to let up now. Communication between remaining stakeholders and the public is key and the Town is committed to staying the course.”

The town plans to move forward with a water summit, which will include Johnson Controls/Tyco, the City of Peshtigo and the Wisconsin DNR.