Diagnosed with liver cancer? Baseball legend Bernie Williams shares tips on liver health

(BPT) - A liver cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Navigating this complex and often misunderstood disease can be challenging and, like many others before them, the more than 40,000 Americans who will be diagnosed this year may feel stigmatized, lost and alone. Some people living with liver cancer may even feel discouraged or uncomfortable seeking medical care. Ultimately, it’s more important than ever for anyone impacted by liver cancer to be empowered to take action by understanding more about this disease, finding support, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To help raise awareness about liver cancer and the importance of making simple daily adjustments to support liver health, baseball legend and Latin Grammy-nominated musician Bernie Williams teamed up with Blue Faery, the Global Liver Institute and Eisai Inc. to launch One Liver to Love. Through this initiative, anyone living with liver cancer can find information, educational resources and advocacy support services, as well as a sense of community. Check out this video to hear more from Bernie and learn about the four bases of liver health—nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health—that are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with liver disease and liver cancer.