“I’ve been reading about the lawsuits against the city concerning the recreational cannabis licensing. Why doesn’t the city try entering into an agreement with the plaintiffs that if they drop their lawsuits, they’ll all get their recreational licenses. I’m sure there’ll be enough cannabis business to go around for all of them. This would keep these cannabis businesses more competitive the way capitalism is supposed to work.

“The city, in behalf of the people, could also require that as a part of the agreement that each company make raw cannabis available to the public so there’s something for the pregnant mothers, for the children, for the religious people, for the drug addicted who are in rehabilitation and for the others who don’t or can’t use intoxicants of any type.

“According to Dr. Dustin Sulak, who is a well-known medicinal cannabis expert, raw cannabis can be used together with the cannabis that is intoxicating for greater synergistic healing benefits. He describes raw cannabis as THCA and cannabis that is intoxicating as THC or as the neutral, non-acidic form. See ‘Biggest Benefits of Cannabis You May Be Missing Out On: Acidic Cannabinoids (CBDA / CBGA / THCA).’ The acidic cannabinoids are not psychoactive, meaning they don’t cause intoxication.“