“I love that Marinette is getting more housing. It is desperately needed. However, as stated in the EagleHerald article published Nov. 3, we still need market-rate housing.

“My two roommates and I applied for the new apartments being built. We apparently make too much money, which is ridiculous because the two of us work about 25-30 hours a week. And when I applied for a one-bedroom in the new place, I only qualified for partial reduction on rent. Even though my yearly gross income is about $21,000, my rent would have been $751, which is about 60% of my income.

“Regardless of the issue of income-based housing (which is still something we need; it just doesn’t work for lower-middle class).

“There is one more issue with housing in the area. Landlords almost never allow pets. I am so sick of seeing a place for rent and they won’t allow pets. Living in this area, while mostly cheap and decent, can be very frustrating.

“While I am excited for new housing in the area—for new jobs and industries, I fear that temporary workers in manufacturing fields will only inflate the cost of rent.”