Dear Editor,

Is there a difference between Mr. Biden and the Trump Republicans on funding the police?

I believe there is. Both do not want to eliminate the police. Both have said that they believe a police force is needed on a local, state and federal level. The difference seems to me in two areas.

The first is the all or nothing viewpoint of the Trump Republicans that is ignoring obvious racial profiling in departments in both rural forces and in urban forces in many areas of the country both north and south.

The second point is the general acceptance of all police officers and their general right to act. In essence, this is the Trump Republican viewpoint. That means ignoring a militaristic Gestapo element in the police forces of some departments. These elements are supported at times by police unions and local sheriffs as evident in the sheriff who minimized the threat to the Michigan governor. The Biden position is to support police but to eliminate the Gestapo elements. The idea of the Biden position is that the police are seen as a respected resource to all of the communities, not a threat to some, and a part of all communities, not an occupying force by some.

The point is both parties want to maintain a police force but the Democrats want to stop unnecessary police violence.

Gilbert Engel