Dear Editor,

In the near future, the Menominee County redistricting committee will be meeting. This committee is charged with the task of deciding how many county commissioners there shall be in Menominee County.

Currently, the number of County commissioners is nine. Prior to 1971, there were 15 County Commissioners. In 1971, that number went to seven where it remained for 30 years. From 2002-2011 the number of commissioners was changed to five. In 2012, we went to the current number of nine commissioners.

There is a movement afoot to bring the number of county commissioners from nine to five. Apparently there is an informational petition circulating asking the committee to consider five commissioners. I respectfully ask that you not sign the petition if approached. There will be ample time for public comment and input from county residents.

The redistricting committee consists of the county clerk, county treasurer, prosecuting attorney, Menominee county Democrat and Republican chairs.

Some of you may remember ten years ago when Menominee County had five commissioners — the commission was dysfunctional and there was an enormous amount of controversy across the county. Upon going to nine commissioners, the controversy quieted down.

This petition is, in my opinion, an attempt to stir controversy and to try to manipulate the will of a few. A five-member board (as memory serves me) is (and was) far too easy to manipulate.

I appreciate your support and ask for your feedback ( Thank you.

Mari Negro

Menominee County Dems Chairperson