Dear Editor,

Allow me to express my displeasure that the Aurora Medical Center-Bay Area has closed the Stephenson Pharmacy in Stephenson, Mich., as of July 31. According to its website, the medical center is to serve the Menominee County area as well as the Marinette County area. By closing the pharmacy in Stephenson it is failing to serve the needs of the mid-Menominee County area centered in Stephenson, stretching from Wallace north along U.S. 41 to Powers and including the Cedar River area on M-35, an area comprising 3,000 to 5,000 people.

It can’t be because of a lack of customers. Every time I or my wife has gone there, no matter what time of day, there has been a steady stream of customers coming and going. It’s not unusual to see two or three people lined up in the pharmacy waiting for service.

Expecting mid-Menominee County residents to drive through heavy traffic in downtown Marinette to reach the hospital pharmacy is an inconvenience, to say the least. It is 30 to 60 miles or more round-trip to the Marinette Pharmacy.

The Marinette pharmacy does offer to fill prescriptions by mail. But some prescriptions are not easily filled by mail. Plus there are times when it’s necessary to speak to a pharmacist.

All the above indicates that, by closing the Stephenson Pharmacy, the Aurora Medical Center-Bay Area is failing to provide service to a large number of people.

Rev. James G. Kiecker

Cedar River