“Attn: Marinette County Board RE: development of a ‘980’ sex offender dwelling on Mudbrook Road in Porterfield.

As a Marinette County/Town of Porterfield resident, I strongly oppose this being passed and urge you to reconsider this placement.

Those who choose to live ‘in the country’ give up many benefits of city living for the safe neighborhood atmosphere to raise families. By placing this near our community’s families, you are robbing them of what is home for them, of their peace of mind and their right to feel safe, financially of the value of their homes and properties, of their ability to move their families to a safer environment with a now unsellable property.

More important than dollars this will bring to the county, this affects the lives and futures of property owners who are good, contributing members of our community who must be considered in the choices you make on their behalf.

If there is no choice but to place this home within the county, the location you have chosen is unacceptable involving far too many families with young children and another location MUST be chosen. Contrary to what the county administrator states, there ARE homes, with children, in close proximity, and the families with the most at stake were not consulted and unaware of this even being considered.

Please place yourselves in the shoes of those who could be living next to individuals who have committed the unthinkable to our county’s youth. Would you want this near your children or grandchildren?”