“In response to the EagleHerald article on Aug. 18, ‘DDA expansion discussed’:

“Mayor Jean Stegeman and Alderman Bill Plemel, I’ve lived in the area more than 40 years. Before reading this article, I read the headline. I don’t have ESP but I could’ve easily predicted what officials would voice on this subject.

“Well wait a minute. Did you do a survey to find out what people are thinking? I find it poor public policy to let a few naysayers speak for everyone.

“So when public outcry, of late, has been to buy local, to support businesses, I didn’t see anything in print from either of you to express the direct affect this has on our community.

“I take the opportunity now.

“Who in Menominee doesn’t love sports? Where does money come from to help buy uniforms and equipment? Who sponsors teams? Who supports local money drives for nonprofits? Who do citizens of Menominee approach for donations? The answer is businesses.

“Businesses are expected to stretch its budget thin, but they shouldn’t expect anything from citizens? Aren’t we supposed to be all in this together?

“I’d like to encourage a committee of citizens, business owners and appropriate city officials to evaluate this directive. Find out what a ‘yes’ and what a ‘no’ means to this community. Come to common ground in what is best for Menominee. None of us love to pay taxes, but to put a stamp of disapproval on this idea before all information has been reviewed is ludicrous.”