“Recently my family experienced a significant loss — a loss that is hard to fathom. A so-called friend — someone we had trusted, helped, cared about for years — decided to steal from us. While the monetary value of the theft was considerable, what concerns us most is the attitude of this person. The callous disregard for our family and total lack of remorse is our payback for years of respect, kindness and friendship which we had extended to this person.

“We know the world is full of wonderful, loving, caring people. We have experienced this first hand. But this has shaken our faith.

“Why do so many people today have a total disregard for others? Common decency should not be a thing of the past. Pride in oneself, integrity, care and respect for others and their property begins at home. Even in dysfunctional families these attributes can be taught and practiced.

“Unfortunately, we cannot replace what has been stolen from us — we are not wealthy. My family has struggled through lots of hard times to make ends meet. And sadly, this so-called friend never looked past the act of theft. Things between us will never be the same. Forgiving will be hard, but forgetting will never happen.”