Dear Editor,

As we witness a growing gun violence threat to innocent American lives we must find fast solutions. So today I am providing you with a peek into the mind of a deranged mass shooter. He arrived as a daydream one day while I was writing.

Hello! I am having a good day at the shooting range.

I am firing my automatic weapons with extended clips and wearing my bullet proof vest and also carrying several automatic pistols with extended clips in my ammo belt.

I am rapidly killing dozens of innocent American victims and their bodies are piling up. Soon I will shoot myself as well.

What are you going to do about me? Why aren’t you defending them? These trusting Americans innocently thought that they were safe as they went to the mall, church, school, work and restaurants. Your beloved family is among them dying and crying for help. Can you hear them? I don’t. I only hear my wonderful gunfire.

Please stop me. I have lost my mind. Please don’t defend me with your second amendment rights that I have repeatedly violated with military grade weapons and gear. Please defend my victims. They need your help.

Hurry! I can’t help myself!

Are you as horrified by this fictional character’s behavior as I am? I think you are.

If so, please contact your congress person today and demand that they pass meaningful legislation that will end this daily mass murdering of innocent Americans and still protect your second amendment rights to bear arms.

Bill Blair