“It is great that the CN railroad has been repairing their crossings in Marinette. But there is a hazard remaining: The angular painted lines at the Cleveland Avenue crossing must be repainted. These lines indicate that a vehicle, especially trucks, must not stop in that zone, as it would be on the track.

“Prior to reconstruction, the lines were there, but almost worn away, and now can hardly be seen. Don’t know who would be responsible (city, county, state, railroad?) for this important safety measure; maybe an EagleHerald reader or official could initiate the process for repainting.

“Also, it would be good to mount an additional ‘No Turn on Red’ sign across the other side of Marinette Avenue, or on the median, facing westbound Cleveland at this intersection. Once you get to the ‘Stop Here on Red’ sign, it is too late to see the ‘No Turn on Red’ sign, especially if behind a large vehicle.”