“We live in Menominee and have a similar experience to some Menekauee residents. Our yard is flooded. The response we get from city hall is it’s not their problem. We all pay city, state and federal taxes. What I believe we all are asking for is help. Help to resolve a nontypical problem that is beyond us to handle on our own. Help from the cities we live and have supported for many years.

“Residents like us don’t have the knowledge of who to ask. We’re reaching out to find what individuals, agencies, or organizations may be available to help. Where’s the best place to start? You’d think the mayor, or in our case the city manager, would at least lend assistance. Even if legally they can split hairs. How can they turn their backs on us? Is there anyone out there? I don’t know of the others but we’re totally frustrated and stressed out 24/7.

“This is a natural disaster damaging our property. There’s no escape and no end in sight. Lake Michigan is predicted to rise. It’s going to get worse. Surely there must be hope to save peoples lifelong investments. Please someone help us.”