“I noticed in Mr. Hartfield’s letter appearing in the Aug. 28, EagleHerald, he doesn’t deny that Columbus murdered, tortured and enslaved the indigenous population in pursuit of gold and silver or deny that the founding fathers didn’t make their wealth from chattel and wage slavery while advocating that the common workingman not be given full democratic participation in government. These are obvious facts in the historical record. Seeking a new trade route is just putting spin on it to shine it up for public consumption.

“The republican form of government works best for the few, but not so well for the many. Remember, Mr. Hartfield, that the Roman Empire first started out as a republic and then became an empire after destroying what representative democracy it had. It was a class-based society, with a slave economy, and an unequal system of justice that applied a lenient standard of justice for the rich with a stricter or harsher standard for the common people and the poor. With constant social strife and power struggles inherent in such systems, the Empire weakened and fell apart. Sound familiar?

“Man can do work through internalized incentives without the need of external incentives being dangled in front of his eyes like a carrot on a stick. The Bible teaches a system of morals that could provide the basis for such internalized incentives if taught properly. Too bad the founding fathers didn’t have the moral courage to see this and implement full democracy for the people.”