Dear Editor,

In case you missed the latest underhanded efforts….

JCI compelled the Town of Peshtigo chairman to call a special meeting on Jan 28 to advocate for steps toward advancing JCI’s preferred permanent water outcome. In advance of that meeting, JCI called every single supervisor directly to coerce them into complying and even went so far as to ‘proof read and edit’ a motion from the chairperson to ensure it covered JCI’s intent. The conceptual drawing (if you can call it that) which JCI provided in advance of said meeting covered only the initial plume and not even the entire class boundary, proving that they have no intention of ensuring a permanent water solution for the entire class boundary.

More false representations, empty promises and deception from our corporate neighbor. After two years of failing to provide a safe permanent water solution I see no reason for the urgency to do so in the next two months, especially when the April election will change the structure of the Town of Peshtigo Board.

Between the weak ’solutions’ that JCI secured with the City of Marinette, the inadequate ’settlement’ that they have offered impacted residents and this obvious attempt to ramrod a weak solution for the TOP municipality it is abundantly clear that they are trying to get out ahead of something and want to wrap up their liability for the lowest dollar possible. The question remains: what is that ‘something’?

Cindy Boyle,

Town of Peshtigo