Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, Congress has a chance to confirm the electoral college election results and to affirm our American democratic majority rule. We will also see who objects to our constitutionally guaranteed rights to a democratic election. We will have a chance to meet those who without evidence or witness after 50-plus failed court challenges and two Supreme Court denials still selfishly demand personal power and wealth over our common good. Those of us who are offended can also communicate with these congress persons and insist that they perform the public service that they swore before God and the American public to provide or immediately resign so we can repair the damage. It is time to demand the best of every American and not settle for the worst.

The parting gift that the exiting president has left for most Americans is that he has exposed the major enemies of a vibrant democracy. These enemies include corrupt politicians, wartime profiteers, national security risks, weakened oversight, Wall Street asset pirates and propaganda confused Americans who don’t defend our battered democracy.

This parting gift inspired our American heroes who are stepping up and are delivering a regenerating democracy that will serve all Americans with openness, optimism and curiosity for what works better.

Yes, these have been bad times. We all must join in the work to be done to help our national recovery. We must trust each other again and find the “work around.” But if you decide to be a pessimist, blame and cripple our resolve to recover you will be ignored as we walk around you and continue into the future. Stand up, decide to recover, and soon our troubles will be behind us. It is who we are. It is our future. Join us.

Bill Blair