Dear Editor,

In January of 2020 Gov. Tony Evers created a Blue-Ribbon Commission on Rural Prosperity. The commission was non-partisan and represented all of rural Wisconsin. The governor also created a new Office of Rural Prosperity, housed within the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC.)

The commission reached out to all areas of rural Wisconsin by means of: Public forums; small group conversations; visits with organizations, businesses and local leaders; and, invitations to the public for comments and ideas. The 80-page report of the commission’s findings details an enormous range of challenges facing rural communities including broadband expansion, healthcare, childcare, jobs, housing, education and many more. In the words of WEDC’s Chief Executive Officer, “The report lays the groundwork for a sustained strategy aimed at building and maintaining prosperity across rural Wisconsin.”

The report also identifies state government failures over the last decade to recognize the needs of rural communities, including budget cuts to the University of Wisconsin, the rejection of federal dollars to help expand rural access to health care, tax dollars to out of State companies and the defunding of critical state agencies. In an unprecedented effort to retain power the Republican-controlled Senate and Assembly have devoted their time and energy to suppressing the vote, stripping the office of the governor of the ability to govern, gerrymandering congressional districts and filing frivolous lawsuits.

Karl Jaeger is the Democratic candidate for the 89th assembly district. In his service on our County Board and in his campaign, Karl has been steadfast in dealing with the serious issues that the Blue-Ribbon Commission has identified. He has proven himself to be committed to the hard work of achieving rural prosperity. Vote for Karl and let’s return state government to the business of caring about the people of Wisconsin.

Amy Schwaba