Dear Editor,

I have some thoughts. Thinking about this year’s election. The first thing that comes to mind. This horrid pandemic of COVID-19. I find it ironic that the political party that prides itself on being pro-life is acting the complete opposite. These “pro-life” people and their leaders are not wearing masks. They have no regard for anyone else but themselves. People who come to mind: Mike Pence, Donald Trump, John Nygren and Mike Gallagher. There are others. They do not wear a mask at all in this pandemic. They spread disinformation and whine about not working with other leaders.

With the rise in COVID-19 cases in the State of Wisconsin, I am going to blame the lack of leadership of the “pro-life party.” There is no regard for the lives of anyone, not even their neighbors, nor members of the community. This is a death cult. Please vote these people out. This is not a hoax.

Juliane Draze-Buyarski