Dear Editor,

“Prosperity is just around the corner” is a phrase often attributed to Herbert Hoover as we entered the Great Depression. His inaction and denial contributed to the depth and length of the depression that followed. Sound familiar? It will just go away, it’s only 15 people from China, I take no responsibility. These and other statements from Donald Trump echo a familiar Republican response in their avoidance to lead during a crisis and help the most vulnerable. President Trump’s failure of leadership has compromised the health of all Americans, caused needless fatalities, and tanked the economy. Americans are not allowed into Canada, Europe, or even the Bahamas because our condition is so much worse than most of the world.

As in the 1930s and FDR, it will take Democratic leadership to get back on the right track. President Trump needs to be replaced. Our Sen. Ron Johnson is spending time trying to dig up dirt on Joe Biden instead of working on the problems our country faces and has not had the courage to challenge Trump when he touts such things as the use of injecting bleach to cure the virus.

Mike Gallagher voted against the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the HEROES Act. He has consistently put big business priorities above the common man. He is in lockstep with Trump.

Our State Rep. Nygren has changed tunes so many times on the PFAS issue it is hard to pin him down. At first, he stated he wanted aggressive regulation and remediation and then backtracked and did not support the watered-down remedy. John has a tendency to say what people want to hear and doing the opposite, he has convictions of convenience.

This fall we need a change. Just as FDR and the Democrats pulled us out the Great Depression the Democrats can do it again. Please support Joe Biden and Amanda Stuck on the national level, and Jonathan Hansen and Karl Jaeger on the state level. They will make a difference by putting our country and people first.

Eric Larson