Hooray! The first day of Spring has arrived! Or has it?

I woke up a little extra early this morning on purpose. It was the first day of Spring and I was going to watch the sunrise, take some photos and soak in the ambiance of a fresh new season.

My wife even bought me a new Hawaiian shirt that I was saving to wear for the occassion.

Well, wouldn't you know it, I turned on the radio and what do I hear? Snow is in the forecast - 2 inches here... more to the south.

I went back to bed, my camera still in its case and my Hawaiian shirt hanging in the closet.

I woke up a couple hours later and decided I wasn't going to let one stinking weather report stop me from breaking out that Hawaiian shirt.

Yep, I wore it proudly and with a smile all day long and I'm glad I did because it made other people smile too. Sure, I know they could have been laughing at me rather than smiling with me but that didn't stop me from enjoying my first day of Spring 2008.

And that's today's Talk of the Town.