Isn't Wisconsin wonderful? It can be 40+ degrees one day and the next we're bundling up because the wind chill is 25 below zero. New snow falls, then it melts and then more comes back. Our winters give everyone something to enjoy or to gripe about.

This is really the first time in nearly a quarter century that I've really looked at snow as being pretty. Having to drive 60 miles to work through blinding snowstorms tends to taint your perspective. So now, with only two miles between my front door and work, winter is once again wonderful.

It's still a pain when it comes to shoveling but now it's at least fun to make a snowman and snow fort with my nephew without worrying about that long drive.

In the end, whether we like the cold and snow doesn't much matter since we have to live with it. Life is all about making the most of a situation.

And that's today's Talk of the Town.