Let's be honest. The economy stinks and everyone wants more money. I want more money, you want more money and the government wants more money. Unlike the government, you and I can't just print what we need. And it goes without saying the government has become pretty creative in how it picks our pockets.

It used to be just little things like parking meters, but now every time you turn around some government agency has its hand out for things you've already purchased with tax dollars.

It can cost anywhere from a dime to a dollar for a photo copy, sometimes even more. Who paid for the copy machine, the toner and paper? You did. But you're getting charged again. They may say it's to pay the salary of the worker who made the copy but isn't their salary also paid by your tax dollars?

I almost fell off my chair when I heard the city of Marinette wanted to look into establishing a wheel tax; a $20 fee to register my car in the city. Don't I already pay an annual registration fee to the state for the very same thing? Why not just set up toll booths on the Hattie, Interstate and Menekaunee bridges?

A $20 wheel tax? Sure, they'll start with cars and trucks... but it won't stop there. There are a lot of things that have wheels the city could tax. Like the chair I nearly fell off for example. There are a tons of office chairs with wheels in Marinette. That could bring in a tidy little sum. What about roller skates or inline skates? Great! More wheels equals more money. Bicycles and skateboards have wheels and they use the roads, let's hit them up.

But wait. Not everyone drives. I see people walking and jogging all the time. Why can't they contribute? I know, how about a shoe tax? That's right. A shoe tax. Look, someone has to pay for those sidewalks and if you're out walking, you should have to pay your fair share. Now we're really getting somewhere.

This is actually kind of fun, just sitting here coming up with ways to spend other people's money. I could do it all day long. But before I do, let me take the wheels off my chair so it doesn't cost me as much.

And that's today's Talk of the Town.