“My thanks to Alderman Doug Oitzinger. It’s about time someone went to bat for Marinette’s beautiful old buildings.

“To anyone who grew up in Marinette, Goodfellow’s was an institution — and a place of wonder. Who can forget the intriguing aroma of pipe tobacco that wafted from the door, and the mystique that accompanied a store that sold such items as pipes, cigarettes, newspapers, and yes, magazines.

“It’s far from the only downtown building lost. The old Globe Home Furnishings, First National Bank and Woolworth’s buildings had charm, too, until their facades were ripped off or covered up.

“You want to attract people to downtown? Forget mismatched planters and fish: Bring back the charm of the old Marinette by making an effort to restore some of the old buildings, like Randy Alexander did 30-some years back.

“Mayhem on Main? No thanks. Let’s go for charm and atmosphere. We have a wonderful Main Street. Let’s make it more attractive.”