Dear Editor,

It seems to me that a large part of the Republican party is consumed by the belief in a lie about Trump’s outcome. American History Professor Du Mez summed it up this way—“It’s a cause that really works against any perception of the common good, or any idea of loving your neighbor as yourself, or any idea of common grace, that there can be goodness and human flourishing and truth outside of your church, your sect, or, you know, your base.”

Trump lost the election based on three compelling facts. He lost the certified Electoral College vote by 306 to 232, his Attorney General William Barr found no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and Trump’s cybersecurity office called 2020 the most secure election in U.S. history. The justification for the lie, and demonization of Democrats and some Republicans is that divine destiny dictated that Trump won therefore he won by a lot, or he should have.

This radicalized thinking has a long history from the Inquisition, Christian Holy wars, Witch trials, Native American killing and forced Re-education programs, Christian cults, the Taliban and radical Islamic sects.

If we treasure this country, we’ll expand the peoples vote to be inclusive, and respect certified election results. We need to respect people more than any church or ideology.

Gilbert Engel