Dear Editor,

First the streets weren’t plowed when they should have been early in December.

Then, in one day the plow trucks plowed our driveway in three times.

Our family had to pay someone to plow out our driveway because of how bad it was and then it was just plowed in again. The last time the snow froze in to a solid wall of ice.

The person we paid to plow out the end of our driveway broke a u-joint on their truck because of how bad it was. If they broke their truck dealing with the city’s snow, how are other people who don’t own plows supposed to deal with it? What about the elderly? Too bad, so sad?

Menominee needs to figure out a better way of dealing with their snow. Most people can’t spend the entire day waiting around for the plow so they can clean out their driveway two to three times.

What if someone works second or third shift, comes home and discovers they can’t get into their driveway because they’ve been plowed in? Are they supposed to just park on the street and risk getting a ticket?

Why is it OK for the city to dump their snow on our properties but we can’t put it in the street? Why the double standard? Maybe we need to start sending bills to the city for snow removal.

Jeremy Kuehnau