Dear Editor,

An Associated Press article recently in this paper continued to publish lies about President Trump, such as: “Trump continues to make baseless allegations about voter fraud” or “Trump allies push false claims of voter fraud” and “Trump’s claims are baseless.”

The fact is there are about 1,000 affidavits signed by people, under penalty of perjury, that witnessed voter fraud. How about poll workers telling everyone to leave as they were closing, then a video shows them pulling suitcases from under a table and continuing counting? In Wisconsin, about 3 million people voted. About 200,000 votes were not legal but were counted anyway. There are numerous cases of dead people voting, non-citizens voting, non-residents voting, voters voting twice, etc., etc.

There’s hardly any news from the liberal press about voter corruption, the corrupt Biden family business dealings with Ukraine and China now being investigated, or Rep. Swalwell (D) and a female Chinese spy. The Biden story was held up by the Democrats until after the election so as not to hurt Joe Biden. Awhile ago an Associated Press article mentioned Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings, and stated that the story has since been debunked. Another lie.

Joe Biden claimed he knew nothing about Hunter’s business dealings. He must have forgotten about a video of him bragging about withholding $1 billion from Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutors investigating Hunter. He also probably forgot his trip to China with Hunter. Shortly after, Hunter received millions of dollars from China.

Big Tech—namely Twitter, Facebook and Google—are also to blame for our biased news by censoring their social news and reporting only news that’s favorable to Joe Biden and Democrats.

This paper also ran probably hundreds of cartoons of Trump on this page that were insulting and degrading. Haven’t seen any about Joe Biden.

I hope the EagleHerald finds a new source for national news. We should be entitled to get fair, unbiased news. If you want to get the latest unbiased news, including the Biden investigation, voting corruption and Rep. Swalwell (D) with his female spy, watch Fox News. You’re not getting it anywhere else.

Ed Pristel