Dear Editor,

National health care under attack, 206,000 dead, 7 million sickened, federal emergency response barely implemented and politicized by a sitting president who delegates responsibility and blame to everyone else.

This isn’t an alternate reality that you can argue away. This is an ultimate reality that is killing us every day.

You can fix this and avoid virus infection at a public polling station with your early mail-in vote because you are the boss of him. The obvious choice is a man who has already spent a lifetime proving himself able to serve the needs of all Americans. He has recruited a team of leaders that have the skills that are needed to serve our entire country with an old/new concept of civic duty.

We are sick, dying, hungry, unemployed, broke, bankrupt, unschooled, evicted, despised and deserted by the current president who has other priorities than serving us.

We need effective leadership that delivers results-oriented compassion.

Our suffering for trusting this president must end.

Vote for our recovery. Vote your conscience. Vote early.

Vote Biden/Harris.

Bill Blair