Dear Editor,

Thousands of women suffer after an abortion, with physical, emotional or psychological aftermath. Catholic Charities in town (Marinette) offers counseling and healing for women experiencing post-abortion suffering. They are located at 1712 Dunlap Ave., Suite 5; telephone: 920-272-8234. There is in-person help or virtual.

Some emotional and psychological after-effects include extreme anxiety, risk-taking behaviors, regret for having the abortion, remembering the due date of the baby’s birth if aborted, deep sadness, hesitating to love her other children because she thinks they wouldn’t lover her if they knew she aborted one of them. Some physical problems that could occur include sterility, pre-mature birth of child born after the abortion and suicidal tendencies.

“Heart Beat Services, Heartbeat International” lists these long-term emotional disorders following abortion: Depression, grief, helplessness, despair, sorrow, lowered self-esteem, distrust, hostility, dependency on alcohol/chemicals/food/work, guilt, sexuality problems, self-condemnation, weeping, emptiness, frustration, insomnia, nightmares, dysfunctional relationships, flashbacks, anger, fear of rejection, bitterness, unforgiveness, fear of commitment and inability to form close relationships.

For the mother, for the baby, and yes for the baby’s father, abortion is a deadly solution.

Surely we can be more creative and loving than abortion, so as not to kill body and spirit of the ones in need.

Laura Ebert