Dear Editor,

I, Ken Pulver, would be honored to receive your vote in the upcoming election to retain my Menominee School Board position. Some of the enhancements that have occurred during my tenure:

■ Built a fund balance over 10% to stabilize the district finances as we strive to build it to the recommended 25%.

■ Provide financial transparency by posting monthly financial reports and annual audit reports on the website.

■ Instituted electronic options to attend committee and board meetings. Meetings are recorded and available for viewing live and on the district website.

■ Advocate for all students and staff.

■ Worked for the past four years transforming the district results by focusing on every student’s outcome. This included five weekends of training in Lansing with five other districts at no cost to the district.

■ Maintaining enrollment by picking up school of choice students from other districts.

■ Created internal professional development for staff targeting student outcome.

■ Trained all staff to be able to provide exceptional classroom and online instruction.

■ Unlike most districts in the area, we have Menominee teachers, teaching Menominee students in the online option.

■ Implemented periodic communications to staff and families using multiple mediums.

■ Held staff town halls to receive input/suggestions for improvement in delivering education in the current environment.

■ Creatively addressing security issues as soon as possible.

I would love to be able to continue our transformation of the Menominee schools to exceed all community expectations and be the school of choice in the region.

Ken Pulver