Dear Editor,

Tuesday’s T.O.P. monthly board meeting ended with a closed session. While legal and not all together unusual, what is unusual and completely unjustifiable is ONE member of the audience joining that closed meeting, especially when that ONE person is Johnson Controls’ local representative, attorney Steve Wolfe. Yes, I said it. I have a major problem with JCI sending in their “local guy” to a closed meeting with the TOP to presumably persuade and compel them to JCI’s will. As usual, the public has NO idea what progress is being made on a water solution, but my instincts tell me that as long as the public is kept in the dark while the responsible party is invited to the table, it isn’t likely to be the public’s best interests that are served.

I guess the only way to ensure a seat at the table is to earn it in April.

Cindy Boyle

Town of Peshtigo