Dear Editor,

My husband Jim and I were evicted from River Park campground on June 23. We have camped there since 1998. When asked the reason why we were being evicted, the park manager did not give me a reason. She stated that we were to vacate the campground by 5 p.m.

We immediately went to see the city manager and informed him of what had transpired. He stated that he had already spoken to the park manager and she had told him that we were disrupting the campground. We were shocked, as we have never had a loud party or problems with any other campers. We never even sit around the campfire past 10 p.m.

If there was a problem, shouldn’t we have been given a warning so that we could make things right?

Since 2012, we have stayed at the campground for the entire summer to visit with our three children and our grandchildren. This year, we were told by the park manager that she could only accommodate us for the month of June. The campground has not been full once this summer, even on weekends.

On June 23, I called the park manager to ask why we couldn’t stay for the entire summer, since clearly there were many empty sites. One hour later, upon returning from the laundromat, we were approached by the park manager and a police officer and were evicted.

I am writing this letter because I am someone who believes people should be treated fairly and I could not rest comfortably until I had made the public aware of the kind of treatment we have received.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my feelings.

Sandra Sodergren