Dear Editor,

What has happened to the world? The year 2020 seems like a journey into the Twilight Zone. Wisconsin has a governor that has broken the law with the extension of his mask order. The legislature seems scared to call him out so they are waiting on the courts to stop him. Courts don’t move quickly. If you or I broke the law, we would likely be taken to jail. It seems you can be a politician and break the law with little or no fear of arrest and jail time.

With the current political crisis or pandemic (which is it?) going on, don’t you think that the legislature should be doing their jobs? They are not in session in Madison much of the year or even virtually pretending to be. Is it finally time to make their work full time 40 or more hours per week every week all year long and not just a very well-paid part-time position with excellent benefits? I am having a hard time voting for any of them. How about you?

Our local officials are not doing a very good job either. We have the PFAS issues, local rescue squads are facing manpower/money shortages, schools are needing special referendums, deer are infected with PFAS, EHD (Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease) and Chronic Wasting Disease and the county is a mess. It needs new committee members and the Marinette County Board meets once a month during the day. Is this often enough?

When it comes to the PFAS issues, the DNR (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) is moving slower than a snail. JCI/Tyco says they were not the only company dumping PFAS into the sewer and the environment. I suspect they are correct. JCI/Tyco does not want to pay to test all the wells; which is logical since their position is they didn’t do all the polluting. The DNR has decided they will test the additional wells which means the taxpayers are footing the bill. Peshtigo and Marinette have a problem with where to go with the PFAS biosludge. At least they stopped spreading it on local farm fields. This ultimately means the Peshtigo and Marinette taxpayers have an expensive problem.

The Wisconsin DNR offices are still closed. I wonder why. Don’t you? We can go to most any other office, bank, grocery store, gas station, doctor, dentist, beautician, bar, restaurant, etc. This makes no sense.

Why does the government allow any companies to continue to produce a product with PFAS or other harmful products in it? If you are a company still producing a product with PFAS in it — don’t you have a conscience?

Pete Pfankuch