Dear Editor,

Our state politics have become virulently divisive and sadly unproductive. It’s time to vote for candidates who stand for civility and bipartisan cooperation. That’s why I support Karl Jaeger for Assembly District 89, and Jonathon Hansen for State Senator.

My household water has a toxic amount of PFAS in it. John Nygren has been an obstacle to progress on protecting our community from the poison that seeped into our water and soil after spills at Tyco/Johnson Controls. He refused to support the CLEAR Act to hold Tyco accountable, and he even voted against his own bipartisan bill on the issue. Is it any wonder Tyco senior managers have Nygren signs in their yards?

I’m dismayed that our state legislature has been the least active full-time state legislature in the country since COVID-19, according to — while our state is first in the country for rising COVID cases. Apparently, they’re too busy supporting lawsuits trying to strike down the mask order that keeps people safe.

Karl Jaeger plans to make bipartisan cooperation a priority. I’ve seen firsthand that he’s also dedicated to thoroughly researching his positions and taking all Wisconsin stakeholders into account — including everyday citizens. He will support local business and job growth. And he will pressure polluters to clean up their acts.

Jonathon Hansen comes from a blue-collar family and worked his way through college to become a teacher. He plans to work to strengthen public education as well as local businesses and job growth. He’ll also work to hold polluters accountable.

Both Jaeger and Hansen say they will help “restore civility and compromise” to our political system. I encourage everyone to take a look at these two candidates. We need more politicians who are grown-ups like them, from both parties.

Tracy Fernandez Rysavy