Dear Editor,

Hope for a better future is something that keeps me going. But over the past few months and years optimism has seemed to be in short supply to me. However, getting to know Karl Jaeger and learning about why he is running for the 89th District Assembly has provided me with renewed hope in our politics and our potential leaders.

Karl wants our communities to be better; for ourselves, for our families, for those who will come along in the future. Yes, there are many positives about the 89th District, and shouldn’t we strive to capitalize on those positives to improve where we live? We live in a watershed that is one of the most valuable resources on Earth, the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are just that, great, and the water that flows through them should be treated as such. The water of the Great Lakes that we fish in, swim in, find comfort in, needs to be protected from PFAS and other harmful contaminants that impact our water.

Lake Michigan is a dominant feature in the 89th District, but it is the people of this district that Karl wishes to represent. Karl’s empathy toward others shines, he believes that we are only as successful as our most marginalized. He wants to lift people up, give them access to the benefits of the 89th by supporting K-12 public education and post-secondary education. Not only improving access to education, Karl also wants to increase access to health care for residents by expanding Medicaid. Education and health care can improve the lives of many and Karl is a strong advocate for both.

Why should we settle for less than ideal? Why should we settle for just okay? Why not strive to be the best that we can? Karl is willing to lead us to be the best that we can, to give us access to tools that will get us there, to protect the resources that are so much of what makes the 89th District home. I will be honored and excited to cast my vote for Karl Jaeger in November, I would love to see many, many more do the same and renew our hope for the future.


Scott Reilly