Dear Editor:

Michigan’s Governor Whitmer has with the state health department extended the state of emergency in order to save our lives. This extension is legal under the health department’s epidemic powers. The state health director has good reason to fear the existing health threat. The emergency orders serve the justification of protecting our lives. Death from the virus is falling and yet we are nowhere near ‘safe’. Over the last 12 months Michigan residents have lived under varying degrees of restrictions on their public activities which in conjunction with some who mask, distance and hand wash has saved many lives. When questioned about her decisions regarding public health safety the Governor has correctly answered with “science and data”. Statewide shutdowns have been determined to play a nationwide role in reducing the transmission of the virus. The governor’s ability to continually reassess the public health threat and implement safety rules is remarkable. A full view of the national failure of many states, businesses, and citizens to ‘hold the line’ against the virus spread and the resulting infections, suffering and deaths suggests that the suspension of our public shutdown now is both irresponsible and inadvisable.

I chose to practice the CDC recommended safety measures. If you chose to lift your head into the eye of the storm before it has completely passed then don’t blame anyone else for the predictable and preventable result. Chose the living option.

Bill Blair