Dear Editor,

Heads up, did you know?

Over 280,000 Wisconsin homes and another 23,000 Upper Peninsula homes rely on propane to provide heat when the weather gets cold. But, if regulators at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources don’t put Wisconsin families ahead of a small group of agitators, it could soon be extremely hard for these 300,000 families to find and afford the propane they need to get through the winter.

The Wisconsin DNR is currently considering the approval of a relocation of the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline. At the request of a Wisconsin Indian tribe, this pipeline is being moved onto property where landowners support this critical supply of energy to our area. Carrying 540,000 barrels of oil and natural gas liquids that are turned into gas, propane, and other products, shutting down Line 5 could literally put families in our area out in the cold.

Sadly, this simple project has been drawn into a national effort by some to choke off our supply of affordable energy, putting at risk this vital supply of propane to heat Wisconsin and UP homes. The DNR needs to keep our hard-working families in mind as they consider this important project and quickly approve the Line 5 relocation.

Gerald Wrench