“Seeing Democrat Andi Rich run as a pretend Republican in the Republican primary against John Nygren further affirms the lack of honesty and integrity of the Democrat party and its members and proves that, like Lenin and the communists, the Democrat Party has only contempt for the bourgeois idea of objective truth, and Democrats replace objective truth with the morality that holds that truth is whatever happens to work for the Democrat Party at any given moment.

“Is this not the epitome of a dishonest politician lacking all integrity? It is further to be expected that Democrats, whose malformed consciences have been deadened by years of turning their backs to God by supporting abortion and dishonesty in all its myriad forms, will have no moral qualms presenting themselves as Republicans to vote in the Republican primary.

“This is quite in character with the lies told by Democrats for years, about Trump, about Russian collusion, and about Brett Kavanaugh, all proven false by years of investigation at taxpayer expense, only to be replaced by more Democrat lies, also proven false after investigation. After a steady diet of lies, the perpetrator of the lies eventually loses all understanding of truth and devolves to a state that truth is whatever gets me what I want. Hence the Democrat Party obsession with keeping abortion legal, based upon denying the basic science of when human life begins, lies upon lies. Stop lying to yourselves. Try the truth for a change. It will set you free.”