Dear Editor,

I find it interesting and sad when I read the story about the pay of local substitute teachers. There has been a push on for a $15 per hour minimum wage nationwide for quite some time. Crivitz and Marinette schools pay $120 and Menominee pays $95 a day. That is about a $3 an hour difference which is quite a bit. The higher rate of pay for an eight-hour day means substitute teachers are being paid $15 an hour in Crivitz and Marinette schools and $12 an hour in Menominee with no benefits. No wonder they cannot get substitute teachers!

A person that spent at least four years in college deserves more pay don’t you think? If a person were working eight hours a day for 52 weeks of the year at $15 that is $31,200 for the year. At $95 a day, it would be $24,700 a year. Again without any benefits or retirement. I wonder how the administrator’s pay breaks down on an hourly or daily rate? I think most of the local school administrators pay would shock the tax payers. It is public information as are all the pay rates of government employees.

Don’t forget all the full-time employees also have very good benefits and retirement plans. Do you think it is time to pay all the substitute teachers as well or better than the regular teachers? I am not and never want to be a teacher. You could not pay me enough. My father and uncle were both teachers.

Pete Pfankuch