Dear Editor,

The first result of the stolen election big lie was domestic terrorism against our nation’s capital where hundreds of people acted out the unelected president’s very public tantrum. The second result of the stolen election big lie will be the rapid application of the rule of law or the discipline of the tantrum throwers. Because criminal intent + criminal action + evidence = prosecution. This will be done in order to protect and serve Americans. The current investigation, charging, prosecuting, sentencing and eventual jailing of all kinds of domestic terrorists will occur.

Domestic terrorists have made the investigation relatively easy through their publicly self-incriminating actions. Not so surprising is how easy it was for domestic terrorism to occur in our freedom-loving America because we have a choice. Some chose to follow the law and some don’t.

So, when you watch the capital invasion video do you recoil in shock or do you walk with the domestic terrorists? Do you defend the violation of our national symbol of democracy and join the terrorists who have deserted America and joined our enemies as their agents of destruction? Or do you say that’s enough and stand against domestic terrorism in defense of a majority-elected democracy?

Get the picture? Ask yourself who are the terrorists? Them, you, me? Do you want a healthier America or a bloodier battlefield?

I choose to stand with the plan that builds a healthier America, defends our democracy, and punishes those who violate the rule of law through domestic terrorism. Join us. We need your American humanity to shine through the current darkness of the domestic terrorist movement.

Bill Blair