Dear Editor,

Common sense has left the country.

Daily, new information about the deadly virus is discovered and we get closer to slowing it down. Today’s society wants instant gratification. This virus will diminish, but it is going to take patience and that doesn’t seem to be a word in our vocabulary.

The healing of the country is also going to take time. The abyss is deep and getting deeper by the day. After the impeachment proceedings, Senators told us that Trump learned his lesson. Didn’t take long and shortly the administration wasn’t blackmailing a foreign country, but our own states. If you weren’t nice to the president, weren’t a “yes” person, vital medical supplies would be withheld. Now it is school funding that is in jeopardy if you don’t open schools in the fall.

Leadership is lacking. Trump is not a chess player, does not think ahead, no contingency plan B, C or D. He has no concern for our nation or it’s citizens. If something doesn’t benefit him personally he doesn’t want to hear about it. His jealousy and racism toward President Obama is appalling, his behavior toward others is childish and disgusting. The voice of the majority isn’t even a second thought, the knowledge and research of top scientists doesn’t matter.

The Trump administration is failing miserably. Words emitted are often lies, misinformation and false propaganda. Even his staff is having problems trying to clean up his comments. Preserve, protect and defend the Constitution are not his top priorities nor is uniting the country or caring for its citizens. His ego overshadows the Constitution. He’s not a politician, just someone that thrives on chaos, hate, incitement, distractions, someone that has to be the center of attention with power. His daily rhetoric against anyone that does not agree with him from the press to citizens that have the courage to come forward and tell the truth are bashed as well as our once allied countries.

Everything is a hoax, always the Democrats fault, (unfounded) conspiracy theories, witch hunts, distractions, everyone else is to blame, not his fault, everyone else is lying — none of that is acceptable rhetoric anymore. Badly needed now is a leader that tells the truth, offers encouragement and above all, respects the Constitution.

The lies/misinformation continue with the campaign ads; do your research and find the real truth, not Trump’s version. Use common sense. Look at the facts. This administration’s record is deplorable (check the public records). Trump is so busy tweeting, destroying trust in the media, science and government, issuing false statements, planning the next rally he has no time to focus on the country and it’s people; one wonders who is really running the country?

Ginger Shallow