Dear Editor,

Republicanism stands for free trade, markets, fiscal austerity, strong alliances, States rights, family values, tradition. Nixon-EPA.

Trump’s done the opposite. He’s not a republican. It’s a hoax. He’s a party-switching rhino following the money.

No platform. It’s not republicanism anymore, it’s Trump. His strongest critics are traditional republicans alarmed by his behavior and lack of principle. Chaos daily, flip-flopping so often advisors don’t know where he stands. Twenty thousand documented lies. To Mara Lago crowd, “you’re a lot richer now.”

Like it’s a WrestleMania reality show instead of a presidency with some dignity, millions thrill to his bullying stick-it to’em potty badmouthing, inciting speeches, conspiracies, liking it over dignity or proper governance. Unstable people think it’s permission to harm others.

Shamelessly caging children taken from their parents. We’re better than that.

Politicizing everything, conspiracies and lies over reality for control of minds (it’s working); Socialism for the ultra-wealthy. Monstrous deficits. Victimhood. Defunding Social Security and Medicare.

Everything’s great? Why so much be afraid gloom and doom? Remember, he promised “Only I can solve it.” Law and order in 2016. Now? More and worse problems. He denies the proof of Russian election interference and bounties on our soldiers. Why? Why no tax returns?

QAnon? Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend, was arrested as an alleged procurer for a child trafficking operation. Trump, past friends, pictured socially with them, said, “I wish her well, I hope nothing bad happens to her.” No consoling for victims? Creepy.

The other guys worse? (Of course). Joe Biden co-administered a successful rescue from a threatened Depression following the last republican Crash of 2008. Another one looms. Trumps’ plan? Golf 300 days. $142 million.

Trump — inherited elite. Biden — self-made working class. Senility? Trump stumbles, mispronounces words, confusing sentences. Biden? Trump/Russian bots on same page. Joe’s in shape, rides a bike. No, he didn’t take your guns away. Will Trump take mine?

Trump, of questionable faith, says Biden, a man of lifelong Catholic faith, is “against God and the Bible.” Sick.

Howard Stern: “Donald despises most the people who love him the most.” Trump said, “I like rich people and I like dumb people.” Why? Show a video of unrest in Trump’s America, call it Biden’s America. They’ll believe it? It’s wrong for a President to create domestic enemies. If you truly believe this is best for us, maybe it’s time to learn Russian.

With confidence and faith in our country’s basic goodness, don’t buy into Trump’s manipulating scaremongering. Compassion/optimism, or Trump’s folded arms scowling pessimism?

There’s no disloyalty to party not voting for him.

FDR said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Trump — or America?

David Larson