Dear Editor,

The Village of Carney was dealt a sharp blow last Thursday afternoon in the tragedy that took place at Superior Cedar. As we grieve the losses of that day, we also have so much to recognize and give thanks for.

To the Frisque family and to all who have experienced so much joy and friendship from Vinny, we grieve and mourn with you. We support you during this time. We are so sorry for your loss, and we walk with you during these difficult days. We hope you will know in this time how deeply Vinny and your family are loved.

To everyone at Superior Cedar, we are so sorry for your loss at this time. You are a foundation in our community, and when you are shaken, we are shaken with you. We have confidence that we will overcome and rebuild together, and we stand with you.

To those in our community who saw the need and immediately jumped in to serve, we recognize you and thank you for your selflessness. Thank you for coming towards the danger and asking how you could help. Thank you for bringing water, food, and other supplies for those engaged in the fight. We take pride in a community that is willing to set themselves aside in order to care for their neighbors.

To the many firefighters and other emergency responders, we thank you immensely for your commitment to save lives and for preparing to serve communities like ours in moments like these. We saw an outpouring of care from 28 different fire stations: every fire station in our county (Nadeau, Daggett, Spaulding, Stephenson, Mellen, Faithorn, Gourley, Harris, Ford River, and others) and from several fire stations beyond our county as well (Escanaba, Marinette, Peshtigo, Mountain, Wausaukee, and others). Without your aid, there would certainly be so much more loss and sadness for our community. You will be honored and remembered with so much thankfulness because of your preparedness and readiness to serve that day.

To the office of the governor of Michigan, we thank you for calling our village, recognizing our tragedy, and offering us assistance. You have shown that every city, town, and village in Michigan matters to you by this attention and offer. We are proud to be a part of this great state. Thank you for your care towards us in our time of need.

To anyone whose contribution in this time we have overlooked in ignorance, your service is no less significant. It is a comfort to know that needs have been met beyond our awareness, and our gratitude will grow as we realize how much more has been done than we see even now.

May the village of Carney continue to rally behind one another, support each other, and lift up our neighbors when the need should rise again in our community and beyond. Our sadness is mixed with great respect and thankfulness because of the love poured out on us by you and caring people and communities all around us.

The Board of the Village of Carney